Reasons to Seal Your Asphalt

 Protects Your Investment

 Protects Your Asphalt Against;
        - Oil
        - Gas
        - Alkali’s (Road Chemicals)
        - Salt

 Slows Water Damage Caused By;
        - Rain
        - Snow
        - Freezing & Thawing

 Restores Asphalt’s “Jet Black” Look

 Easier Snow Removal

Costs Only Pennies Per Square Foot & Saves Hundreds of Dollars in Future Repairs!

Customer responsibilities

There are a few preparations that you should make before our arrival on your property.


  •  Move all vehicles away from the work area
  •  Turn off automatic sprinklers the night before our arrival
  •  Keep all pets on leash or in the house
  •  Notify Family Members to keep off pavement
  •  Notify potential guests to keep off pavement
  •  Re-schedule landscapers, etc. to a different day
  •  Re-schedule deliveries to a different day or instruct them to stay off pavement


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Sealcoating is Preventative Maintenance


Always remember that sealcoating is a preventative maintenance, and is not intended to restore or repair a deteriorated driveway. The biggest misconception about sealcoating is that it will magically make your driveway a smooth surface, filling gaps and potholes. The truth is that while sealcoating does make surfaces a little smoother over time, and thus easier to sweep and shovel snow, it will not “level out” any asphalt and is not meant to do so.
A coat of sealer is to your driveway as a water sealant is to your deck. The added bonus of sealcoating is the beautiful “jet black” look you get when it is finished. So if you have potholes, gaps, cracks wider than 1/4”, dips, ruts or any other serious deteriorations in your driveway, let us know.
Your driveway may just require a little extra TLC. Many times we can repair these by replacing a small portion of your driveway if you are not quite ready to replace the entire drive just yet.