Reasons to Seal Your Asphalt

 Protects Your Investment

 Protects Your Asphalt Against;
        – Oil
        – Gas
        – Alkali’s (Road Chemicals)
        – Salt

 Slows Water Damage Caused By;
        – Rain
        – Snow
        – Freezing & Thawing

 Restores Asphalt’s “Jet Black” Look

 Easier Snow Removal

Costs Only Pennies Per Square Foot & Saves Hundreds of Dollars in Future Repairs!

Customer responsibilities

There are a few preparations that you should make before our arrival on your property.

  •  Move all vehicles away from the work area
  •  Turn off automatic sprinklers the night before our arrival
  •  Keep all pets on leash or in the house
  •  Notify Family Members to keep off pavement
  •  Notify potential guests to keep off pavement
  •  Re-schedule landscapers, etc. to a different day
  •  Re-schedule deliveries to a different day or instruct them to stay off pavement